Where Airy Voices Lead: A Short History of Immortality

O Books, 2020


   A global history of humankind’s search for immortality, from the ancient Near East to the present
"The best book currently available on the meaning of immortality and its interpreters through the ages. Learned, wide-ranging and wise, this is essential reading for the Hamlets among us!" Geoffrey Scarre, Professor of Philosophy, Durham University
"Where Airy Voices Lead is impressively global in scope, yet exceedingly nuanced in its appraisal and strikingly dispassionate in tone. Bienkowski’s history demonstrates that any culture’s afterlife beliefs reflect the values of that society. He challenges the reader by arguing that, although none of these types of immortality can be proved, equally none can be dismissed and are deserving of respect and investigation. He concludes that our attitude toward immortality is an ethical choice." Brian Schmidt, Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Mediterranean West Asian Cultures, University of Michigan
"The author, with total impartiality, examines international beliefs and customs from the beginning of documented history to the current time and takes into consideration the principles of many major and minor religions.  In addition, he is careful to see all sides of an issue and regularly discusses the opposing perspectives of religion or culture versus science." Rougeski Reads


In press:

Managing Change in Museums and Galleries: A Practical Guide (with Hilary McGowan)

To be published by Routledge in June 2021

A practical guide to all the challenges likely to be encountered during an organisational change process and how to deal with them, whether as a leader, a member of staff, or a volunteer



Our Museum: What happened next? A review and further learning two years on

Paul Hamlyn Foundation, 2018

  Review of organisations that took part in the Our Museum programme two years after its close, sharing further learning about embedding participatory practice in museums and galleries



 No Longer Us and Them: How to change into a participatory museum and gallerylearning from the Our Museum programme

Paul Hamlyn Foundation, 2016

 Report on how to embed community participation, from lessons learned through the Our Museum programme





Umm al-Biyara: Excavations by Crystal-M. Bennett in Petra 1960-1965

Oxbow Books, 2011

 Final publication of excavations at the Iron Age site of Umm al-Biyara, the highest mountain in Petra, Jordan




Studies on Iron Age Moab and Neighbouring Areas in Honour of Michèle Daviau

Peeters, 2009

 Edited volume of essays on the archaeology of central Jordan






Crossing the Rift: Resources, Routes, Settlement Patterns and Interaction in the Wadi Arabah (with Katharina Galor)

Oxbow Books, 2006

 Edited volume of essays on the archaeology and history of the Wadi Arabah, which forms the modern political border between Jordan and Israel from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea




Writing and Ancient Near Eastern Society: Papers in Honour of Alan R. Millard (with Elizabeth Slater and Christopher Mee)

JSOTS Supplementary Series, 2005

 Edited volume of essays on the broad topic of writing and ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean society





Busayra: Excavations by Crystal-M. Bennett 1971-1980

Oxford University Press, 2002

 Final publication of excavations at Busayra, the largest Iron Age site in southern Jordan and the major city of the ancient kingdom of Edom




The Archaeology of Jordan (with Burton MacDonald and Russell Adams)

Sheffield Academic Press, 2001

 Introduction to the archaeology of Jordan, with chapters on each period written by leading experts





The British Museum Dictionary of the Ancient Near East (with Alan Millard)

British Museum Press/University of Pennsylvania Press, 2000 (Japanese edition 2002)

 Over 500 entries covering Mesopotamia, the Levant, Iran, Anatolia and Arabia from earliest times to the Persian conquest of Babylon in 539 BCE





Excavations at Tawilan in Southern Jordan (with Crystal Bennett)

Oxford University Press, 1995

 Final publication of excavations at the Iron Age site of Tawilan in southern Jordan





Gifts of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Arts and Crafts in Liverpool Museum (with Angela Tooley)

HMSO, 1995

 Introduction to the antiquities of ancient Egypt, illustrated from the extensive collections of Liverpool Museum





Early Edom and Moab: The Beginning of the Iron Age in Southern Jordan

Sheffield Archaeological Monographs 7, 1992

Edited volume of essays on the archaeological, textual and literary sources for the period between the thirteenth and seventh centuries BCE in ancient Edom and Moab





Treasures from an Ancient Land: The Art of Jordan

Alan Sutton, 1991, reprinted 1996

 Illustrated introduction to the art and antiquities of Jordan, from the Neolithic period to twentieth-century folk costume and jewellery





Cypriot Pottery in the Liverpool Museum (with S.C. Tsielepi)

Liverpool Museum Occasional Papers No. 2, 1988

 List of all the Cypriot pottery in Liverpool Museum, from Neolithic to Medieval, arranged in chronological order





Egyptian Antiquities in the Liverpool Museum I (with Edmund Southworth)

Aris & Phillips, 1986

 Detailed list of more than 4000 provenanced objects from 81 sites, arranged alphabetically by site





Jericho in the Late Bronze Age

Aris & Phillips, 1986

 Publication and assessment of all the Late Bronze Age evidence from three major excavations at Jericho